Who are we?

ronald pendleton inc. road signOwners, Brad and Jared Pendleton, have been working in the plumbing and heating business since the 1980’s.  Both are licensed master plumbers, master oil burnermen, LP gas technicians, and are solar certified. The Pendleton brothers have worked in plumbing, heating, and site preparation since their youth.  They share a commitment to meet or exceed industry safety standards in all aspects of their work — as volunteer firefighters since they were 16 years old, they understand the importance of sound safety standards.

founder Ronald Pendleton

Founder Ronald Pendleton

Through the years, the Pendletons have succeeded as a “word of mouth” business; because, as one client explained, “they do the job like they are working on their own home.” The Pendletons believe that being a good neighborhood business means being fair and conscientious, as well as being a part of the community.

Founder Ronald Pendleton started the family business in 1972 and still works with his sons on projects when he is not lobstering. His work ethic, pride in a job well done, and commitment to the community carries on. Signifying his commitment to community, Ron has been a member of the Bristol Fire Department since 1954 — serving as Fire Chief from 1989 to 2009.

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