Stay Comfortable Year Round

Living in a Maine climate can see temperatures swing from sub-zero in winter to 100 plus in summer. Staying comfortable in any temperature extreme just got easier with ductless, mini-split heat pumps. Small and easy to install, they provide on-demand supplemental heat in frigid temperatures and cooling comfort in sticky temperatures. Because they require no duct work, they are ideal for improved climate control in upstairs bedrooms or room additions. Mini-splits have two operational components: an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit. Wall or ceiling indoor handling units are less obtrusive, more efficient and safer than window air conditioners and space heaters. Read more about the LG mini split heat pump installed in the master bedroom pictured below.

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Year Round, We’re There

working the plowPart of serving our clientele of second homeowners with maintaining efficient heating and plumbing includes year round assistance with seasonal openings and closings as well as maintenance. We’re available to assist with turning plumbing on and off to seasonal residences; responding to emergency heating and plumbing issues; and keeping properties accessible in the winter for fuel deliveries and emergencies. Call us at (207)677-2765 to learning more about our caretaking services.

Who are we?

ronald pendleton inc. road signOwners, Brad and Jared Pendleton, have been working in the plumbing and heating business since the 1980’s.  Both are licensed master plumbers, master oil burnermen, LP gas technicians, and are solar certified. The Pendleton brothers have worked in plumbing, heating, and site preparation since their youth.  They share a commitment to meet or exceed industry safety standards in all aspects of their work — as volunteer firefighters since they were 16 years old, they understand the importance of sound safety standards.

founder Ronald Pendleton

Founder Ronald Pendleton

Through the years, the Pendletons have succeeded as a “word of mouth” business; because, as one client explained, “they do the job like they are working on their own home.” The Pendletons believe that being a good neighborhood business means being fair and conscientious, as well as being a part of the community.

Founder Ronald Pendleton started the family business in 1972 and still works with his sons on projects when he is not lobstering. His work ethic, pride in a job well done, and commitment to the community carries on. Signifying his commitment to community, Ron has been a member of the Bristol Fire Department since 1954 — serving as Fire Chief from 1989 to 2009.

There when you need us

jared pendleton talking on cell phoneEmergency plumbing and heating services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our established customers. Showroom hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Stop by anytime to view products in our showroom, view catalogues of available products, or talk about efficiency for your home heating and plumbing needs.

Wolverine Brass

WBdisplay Wolverine Brass is known by professionals for its ceramic disc cartridge technology that carries a 100-year, drip free warranty. Finishes, other than oil-rubbed bronze, are also guaranteed to be free of defects for 100 years.  Made in the USA, Wolverine products are only available through licensed plumbers.  Surveys by the plumbing industry trade journal, Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine, rate Wolverine Brass faucets as #1 in reliability.  Check out their product showcase.

Kohler fixtures

Kohler Brookfield kitchen sinkKohler is an industry leader in quality kitchen and bath fixtures. They continue to be a family-owned company after four generations and take pride their trademark innovation, craftsmanship, and design; in offering a broad selection of products across all price points; and in the development of environmentally conscious water-savings products. To get organized and plan your next kitchen or bath project, see the Kohler website for inspiration.

LG introduces "Smart Cooling"

LG introduces "Smart Cooling"

LG introduces smart cooling, silent performance, and energy savings of up to 66% with its new inverter technology. These units cool your space stylishly and efficiently. Features include: a powerful BLDC compressor; energy-saving mode; auto cleaning to prevent mold and bacteria; a plasmaster cyclotron filter to reduce dust and germ contaminants; an allergy and virus filter; quiet mode; jet cooling; and the ability to direct horizontal and vertical air flow.

Be comfortable in your home with these innovative split air conditioning units. These advanced systems offer unobtrusive, powerful air throw and responsive step controls that allow you to direct the air as needed. For additional cooling options, browse LG window air conditioners – and discover the many ways that LG can help make “life good.”